Creation of 3-D terrain model for volumes calculation

Kurakhovo, April 2016

The aim of this work was creation of an actual digital model of a mine waste piles and after that comparison geodetic equipment with photogrammetry equipment (quality, quantity and terms of work). The work was carried out in April 2016.

Surveying equipment. Used 2 receiver RTK. The survey area is 60 hectares at a scale of 1:500. The work was carried out 2 days and 8 hours.
Photogrammetric equipment. We used a quadcopter with a high resolution camera and GPS module. The survey area is 60 hectares, the overlap between shots 65%. The work was performed at an altitude of 220 meters and a duplicate of 330 meters above the ground. (Baltic system of heights)
According to the results obtained 2 a complete and accurate digital model of the mine waste piles.

The use of a photogrammetric method to calculate volumes (quadcopter) allows to accelerate the execution of works without sacrificing quality.

The combination of photos from a TIN model

Creation of a TIN model

The centers of photographing

Creation of a TIN model