About company

“EMPIRE PRECISION ENGINEERING” Ltd. was established in 2007. Since that time many unusual tasks have been carried out. We implement our patented technology in different branches of industry. Our considerable achievement consists in maintenance of rotary kilns and continuous casting machines at cement factories and metallurgical plants.

Our professional staff are able to create maps, maintain building processes, check bridges and buildings for deformation. The latest research of our team applied photogrammetry methods for calculation of volumes at quarries or mine waste piles. Our team includes 2 professors. All the members of our staff are certified.  Among our customers are such companies as DTEK, AZOVSTEEL, Active energy group etc. With pride and responsibility we represent our team and philosophy to our customers.

“EMPIRE PRECISION ENGINEERING” Ltd was the bronze sponsor of the 58th annual IEEEIAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference in Dallas, Texas, USA from May 15 – 19, 2016

Our technology is applicable:

  • at steel mills
  • for setting up turbine shafts for power plants
  • for measurement of deformations in bridge cranes and crane tracks (change of geometry)
  • for determination of axes mismatch in rotary kilns and dryers;
  • for installation of rolling mills (metallurgical and tube rolling mills)
  • for determination of deformations in buildings and structures (including copter observation)
  • for creation of high-precision control network
  • in creation of maps and plans
  • for laser scanning of objects

Laser scanning of buildings (the Church in the East of Ukraine)

Determination of piers deformations