“Determination of deformation and installation into design position of rotary kilns by means of geodetic methods”

We provide maintenance of rotary kilns at cement factories

We have a patented technology of static and dynamic* rotary kilns measurements.

*(“hot alignment” without technological process shutdown)

Our work consists in the following:

  • Installation of rotary kilns in the design position
  • Identification of wear type and mechanisms deformation
  • Determination of axes straightness
  • High accuracy of kinematic parameters determination
  • All work is carried out without interruption of the technological process

All work is carried out without interruption of the technological process, which allows not  to influence the activity of the enterprise. Implementation of this technology allows to install the equipment in accordance with projects which reduces percentage of defects in finished products.

For such objects we create a high-accuracy reference network, which will be the basis for measurements. This network is necessary both for static measurements and “hot” alignment. The accuracy of points determination in this network is 0.5 mm for a rotary kiln 90 m in length.

The creation of a high-precision network around the kiln

To factor in the changes in the speed of kiln rotation during execution of geodetic measurements we use a laser triangulation sensor synchronized with other equipment.

Data visualization on PC via a radio channel (online). Data for bandages, rollers, shells is received  in reflectorless mode ( without installing anything on the elements of the kiln)

Technical audit of kilns without shutdown reveals the problem parts


3d Model of the dryer according to the measurements

Visible result of our work

Kiln 3D model before adjustments

kiln 3D model after adjustments