Cement mill alignment (Dykerhoff cement Ukraine)

Rivne city, January 2018

Object: Cement mill alignment (comparison between geometric and rotary axes)

Site: Rivne city, Cement Plant (Dykerhoff cement Ukraine)

Work was carried out in January 2018. An object of this work was estimation of cement mill condition before repair. The main requirement of client was comparison between geometric and rotary axes of cement mill. Cement mill is high rotating frequency equipment.(18 rpm). Definition accuracy  of different mill parts was ranging from 0,1 mm to 0,5 mm.

The measurements quantity in dynamic mode was 1708. It let us make an estimation of body frame deformation and visualization of result.

On-line checking the measurements

Using rotary magnet target

Using Leica equipment

Precise measurements have done for both side of mill

Mensuration of gear axes